Welcome to Delivering Trinity

This is a more-or-less monthly game taking place at Casa de Dechman. Our current incarnation of the game consists of one-and-done style gaming so that people can pop in and pop out without worrying about continuity or participation since we all lead such busy lives. This also means that membership is a bit more up for grabs and if you know someone interested in this sort of game please let Chris know.

Our game is currently set in the Trinity Universe in Trinity specifically using the classic Storyteller rules and NOT the D20 version. Check with Drivethrurpg.com for a copy. Our heroes are various Psions who are members of the Neptune division of Aeon. In general, our heroes are considered misfits and are generally stuck with delivering packages that no one else is interested in handling.

Please note that the scheduling and links to PCs are on the wiki.

Delivering Trinity

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