Declan Thompson

Declan is a large, well muscled, hard cut and slightly scarred quiet middle age man.


Declan Thompson


Player: Eric Bender Series: Delivering Trinity
Nature: Follower Allegiance: Aeon Trinity – Neptune

Attributes & Abilities

Strength 3 Perception 3 Apperance 2
Brawl – 1 (4) Awareness – 1 (4) Intimidation – 1 (3)
Might – 1 (4) Intelligence 2 Manipulation 2
Dexterity 4 Intrusion – 1 (3) Interrogation – 1 (3)
Athletics – 1 (5) Survival – 1 (3) Charisma 2
Drive – 1 (5) Wits 3 Savvy – 2 (4)
Firearms – 3 (7)
Martial Arts – 2 (6)
Melee – 3 (7)
Stealth – 1 (5)
Stamina 4
Endurance – 1 (5)
Resistance – 2 (6)



Willpower 5 Contacts 2
Psi 5 Citizenship 1
Aptitude Psychokinetics Resources 3
-Cyrokinesis 1 Devices 2
-Pyrokinesis 3

Other Stats

-Telekinesis 1 Iniative 8
Move (w/r/s) 5 / 16 / 32

Declan, a tall built 6’3", looks as military as he is. His decorated service shows in the few minor scars here and there across his face, arms, legs and torso. His crisp nature is to ensure things are done and done right the first time. He has a tactical methodology to both his conversatoin and his bearing but he obviously defers the strategy to those he respects.

Declan grew up as the oldest son of a brood and the great-great-great grandson of some British nobility. His parents were not well off and with many siblings coming behind, he took the first opportunity to help his family financially by joining the military. As he was able to take orders and see them through, he quickly gained a reputation for being a solid and dependable guy in a tight spot.

During his first tour, he was tested and found he had a psionic aptitude. His transition to the Legions was smooth and well timed. He was promptly assigned to a war zone in S.E. Asia where he showed his valor. Upon using his powers to waylay some enemy who were commiting some attrocious acts, he then stayed, at great personal risk while outnumbered and outmanuvered to save not only some fellow soldiers but some innocent children who had been caught up in the battle. These acts not only made the Legion look better but the government who called them in as well. For these acts (and his lineage), he was made a citizen of Great Britain in addition to his Australian heritage.

Having survived several hot spots and earned some well deserved peace, he was transferred from the Legions to Aeon. Upon his arrival, he was asked (which he heard as an order) to join those re-establishing contacts and maintaining contacts with the various colonies. He looks forward to the relative peacefulness and calm of these journies and hopes to cope with some of the demons left in his head from what he has seen and experienced.

Declan Thompson

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